Free Specialized Tranings for Employment

The courses that ACTT offers cover a variety of topics and skill levels including basic computer knowledge and use of office software to cyber security, GIS/GPS and Auto-CAD to job readiness and employee development.

What is the benefit of attending training?
Participation in an ACTT course may make you more qualified for a position in the eyes of an employer. You will have the opportunity to attend academic quality knowledge and/or skills based training at no cost. Although we cannot guarantee a position after training, we are committed to showcasing advanced skills to employers. Each student will receive a certificate from Louisiana Tech University at the completion of the training.

How can you take advantage of this opportunity?
Courses will be offered during the fall, winter, spring and summer quarters at a variety of venues. All you need to do is review the course options, decide which course(s) fits your goals and needs, and apply.

Employment Assistance
Advanced Certification and Training for Technology (ACTT) courses are being offered to Louisiana citizens at no cost through a grant from the Louisiana Office of Community Development's Disaster Recovery. Coordinated by Louisiana Tech University, the classes are offered quarterly in a variety of venues to support recovery and rebuilding of areas impacted by hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustav and Ike, as well as the long-term recovery of the State's overall economy.
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